This is Jezzy. Yes, THAT Jezzy. I scan things and write Mankin fanfiction. Occasionally I'm nice and maybe even funny. Expect gratuitous amounts of Ren and absolutely no love for Ren/jeanne.

I swear like a sailor and I dress like one too. You have been warned.


I don’t give a fuck how “bad” your oc’s design is. I don’t care if the colours are bright or they have a lot of accessories or they’re a demon queen vampire werewolf horse who is dating legolas. you had fun making them and that fun was entirely harmless, self-indulgent and creative and thats great

Seid ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind der Jäger! |進撃の巨人|

The logic fail on my dash lately really has me infuriated.

Might have to do some weeding again.

I had a dream last night that I lost six followers, and I thought to myself, “Well, I guess I’m not getting that job.”

So I dreamt that my prospective employers didn’t hire me because of what they saw on my tumblr. And looking at it, I can’t say I blame them.





Adorable little bastards aren’t they

tried to scroll past this…it was impossible

What does Qcing mean? o_O

Quality Checking. It’s when I go through the chapter and smooth out any rough translations, awkward wording, or things that just don’t seem right.



have you ever met someone on the internet that you liked so much that you sometimes sit there and think “oh man there are people who are lucky enough to see this person IN THE FLESH ON A REGULAR BASIS and I wonder if they realize how LUCKY they are”

Do you ever wonder if people think that about you?

Tried QCing Yahabe…this is not an easy venture.

Help me.


"I get pissed off when I’m around idiots like you."