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you just gotta ruin shit for me dont ya


My friend is getting married! She will have three looks during the wedding and the banquet…wow …

Anonymous said: Black Maiden has a problem with "Yup-Yup" & "Humm..", doesn't she?

Oh yes, she most definitely does (I have a problem with it because I think it’s stupid). She also has waaaaayyy more problems than stupid vocal tics. I mean, the girl killed someone for her own benefit, [a mother no less, which makes it that much worse IMO] stole her spirit, [hell, she probably knew Ren wouldn’t come kill her] then fucking taunted her son about it before trying to kill him too.

The girl is a psychopath. No really, she is. According to basic definitions of psychopathy at least. 

I just hope Andy’s right and that she won’t make it through this manga alive.

[BTW, there were a couple of other options for that tic. It was originally “I see, I see.” I offered, “Gotcha-gotcha,” but Andy said that it made him think of Gatchaman too much. I wanted to put “Eyup-yup” in an attempt to make her sound like a hill billy, but Andy didn’t get it, so “Yup-yup” it is.]


Whoever runs the Taco Bell twitter is pretty cool.